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Aiso offers top level AI service packages and skilled professionals for the varying needs of software development.


AI Training

Improve the know-how of your personel by learning about AI and machine learning as well as the possibilities they provide.

Our AI Training is handled with solid professionalism and we are convinced of its benefits. For this reason we offer a satisfaction guarantee for our training.

AI Prestudy

How Artificial Intelligence could provide a boost for your business?

We offer a comprehensive Prestudy of how you could benefit from Artificial Intelligence in your business.


AI Proof of Concept Project

Start new a AI project safely without great risks. 

Starting a comprehensive AI project without testing the concept or the ideas behind it causes uncertainty and might lead to the failure of the project.

Aiso offers an easy and safe way to approach these risks by offering a PoC project. In the PoC project we test the suitability of AI and create a working prototype that can be used to measure the true benefits of AI in your business.

Software Consulting

We can implement software projects as a whole or our Consultants can work as a part of an existing team at the customer’s premises or remotely.

Our Experienced Consultants can work in variety of roles such as Project Managers, Software Architects or Developers.
Let’s conquer projects and the world together.

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Jani Peltoniemi

CEO, Co-founder

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