AI Prestudy

Is artificial intelligence suitable for my business needs? How should I implement AI into my business?

Our AI prestudy explores your opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence and other machine learning tools to streamline your business.

What is included


AI training

We start by organizing AI training to create basic understanding of what AI is and what it can be used to accomplish.

By increasing the understanding of AI within your employees will create new ideas of how AI could be used in their work and how it could benefit your business.



Further discussions

Based on the ideas generated during the training sessions, the discussions with the participants will be continued. Goal is to gain better understanding of your business functions and processes to which artificial intelligence could bring efficiency.

The aim is to map business needs and opportunities for the use of artificial intelligence through guided discussions.



Business AI survey, ie a description of the functions and processes in which artificial intelligence could be utilized.

Suggested approaches based on the findings.

AI applications for your business needs.

Research information and publications related to possible applications.

Implementation and technology proposals for possible applications.



We come to your premises and match the prestudy to fit your schedules. To ensure the quality of the prestudy it is important that all participants have enough time available and that they paricipate in an active manner. The know-how of your experts will be the foundations for the prestudy.

Fixed price

AI prestudy including trainings, discussions and report

10 000 €

Prestudy will take two weeks in total.

Why us?

We have years of experience working with AI and have organized several trainings and prestudies. We are confident that this prestudy will not only give you concrete ideas of how to benefit from artificial intelligence but will also enhance the know-how of your employees as well.

Let’s conquer projects and the world together.  

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Jani Peltoniemi

CEO, Co-founder

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