AI Proof of Concept

Do you wish to increase the efficiency of your business? Do you believe that AI might be the solution to your business problems? Do you have an idea where you wish to test benefits of AI?

The Proof of Concept (PoC) project offered by Aiso provides an opportunity to see and experience the impact of artificial intelligence in your business. The projects reduces the initial investment and can be uses as a basis for a more comprehensive AI project.

What is included


AI Proof of Concept

Background research about target application and related publications.

Testing chosen technologies and precision measurement.

Source code of the tested artificial intelligence model.



Introduction to target application

Found publications

Descriptions of the tested models

Precision measurement results

Recommendation for how to proceed based on results.


PoC work will begin by searching relevant research and other publications. If the publications clearly recommend the use of certain model for the sepcific targer, the PoC will focus on that. Other possibly suitable models can also be implemented and tested if necessary. Chosen models will be tested and their precision measured. Results will be combined into a report.


Project is offered at fixed price

2 Weeks, 10 000 €

Why us?

We have experience of several different AI models, productization of AI solutions and we maintain the know-how of our experts through continous training.

Let’s conquer projects and the world together.  

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