Software Consulting

We offer our experienced professionals and precise know-how for exactly where its needed. We focus on providing our customers with quality work without compromises. In all projects we strive for flexibility and transparency so that everyone stays on the same page of how the project is progressing.

Our professionals have extensive experience in various industries and technologies, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

Domain knowledge

Software engineering

We have years of experience from high quality software projects. Our track record has countless customer and product projects varying from industrial automation to financial integrations, web-projects and AI development.

We know how to do things right and we are aware of how things can go wrong in projects. Continuous improvement is paramount to us and to our projects and that is reflected in our way of working. We prefer to use agile and lean methodologies to maximize value, reduce lead times and get rid of wasteful tasks.

Industrial automation

We have worked several years in industrial automation segment. The most valuable experience is from working with marine and power plant engine control systems. We have experience all the way from embedded modules to desktop programs used to control the engines.

Financial management

Our experience in financial management sector involves designing and implementing projects, project management and software development. We have worked closely with accounting companies to digitize and automate manual processes. We have created an AI based invoice digitization solution for converting PDF, paper and phone captured invoices into digital form. Solution does not utilize any invoice templates and values from invoice are found using machine vision, advanced algorithms and machine learning models.

Finance technology

We have years of experience working with fund management companies and banks. We know processes and systems used in financial sector and we have been involved creating and maintaining several integrations between financial systems and tools for customer encounter as well as trading.

Let’s conquer projects and the world together.  

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Jani Peltoniemi

CEO, Co-founder

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