AI & Software Consulting

AI & Software Consulting as well as solutions

Aiso is an AI and Software Consultancy delivering high quality services with a passion for customer satisfaction.

Aiso also has the capacity to deliver tailored AI and Software Projects from start to finish.


AI Training

Improve the know-how of your personnel by learning about AI & Machine Learning as well as the possibilities they provide for your organization.


AI Prestudy

How Artificial Intelligence could provide a boost for your business?

We offer a comprehensive Prestudy of how you could benefit from Artificial Intelligence in your business.

AI Proof of Concept

Do you wish to conquer the world with the power of new technologies?

AI Proof of Concept Project will provide you with concrete information about a specific use case and showcases what you could achieve with the power of AI in your business.


Software Consulting

Do you have a project that needs to be done or a need for more experts in a project?

Our Experienced Consultants can deliver a product or its component as an agile project, or assist your projects by working in a variety of roles such as Project Managers, Software Architects or Developers. 


”Aiso implemented functionalities and architecture whereas our own development team focused on visualizing analytics and improving user experience. Cooperation was straightforward and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Technologies used in our solution were partly new to Aiso but they adopted them extremely fast. The commitment and professionalism of Aiso’s team can only be praised.”

Kim Jämiä

CTO, Aibidia

“Developed solution brings cost effectiveness to digitizing work and is clearly more user friendly than template based solutions found on the market. Creating templates would have brought continuing costs which can now be totally avoided. Aiso used many state of the art technologies which also brings other business opportunities. Aiso knows these technologies extremely well and understands how to use them effectively.”

Max Gylling

CEO, Gylling accounting

Gylling Accounting
Gylling Accounting

Let’s conquer projects and the world together.  

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Jani Peltoniemi

CEO, Co-founder

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