AI & Software consultancy and solutions

Aiso is an AI and software consultancy company delivering high quality services with a passion for customer satisfaction. Aiso also has the capability to deliver tailored AI and software projects from start to finish.

Domain Knowledge

Software engineering

We have years of experience from high quality software projects. Our track record has countless customer and product projects varying from industrial automation to financial integrations, web-projects and AI development. We know how to do things right and we are aware of how things can go wrong in projects. Continuous improvement is paramount to us and to our projects and that is reflected in our way of working. We prefer to use agile and lean methodologies to maximize value, reduce lead times and get rid of wasteful tasks.

Industrial automation

We have worked several years in industrial automation segment. The most valuable experience is from working with marine and power plant engine control systems. We have experience all the way from embedded modules to desktop programs used to control the engines.

Financial management

Our experience in financial management sector involves designing and implementing projects, project management and software development. We have worked closely with accounting companies to digitize and automate manual processes. We have created an AI based invoice digitization solution for converting PDF, paper and phone captured invoices into digital form. Solution does not utilize any invoice templates and values from invoice are found using machine vision, advanced algorithms and machine learning models.

Finance technology

We have years of experience working with fund management companies and banks. We know processes and systems used in financial sector and we have been involved creating and maintaining several integrations between financial systems and tools for customer encounter as well as trading.


Aiso offers variously software industry services that fulfills customer needs. Our main services are software and AI consultancy. In software industry and especially in other data driven industries machine learning is not utilized enough.

We would like to help companies to better understand AI and to get more information about what AI means in practice. In addition, we want to help companies to evaluate and compare how traditional methods differ from practical machine learning and finally how we can achieve better results by combining these two.

AI Consultancy

The purpose of the training is to familiarize customer’s personnel with the concepts of AI and what it means in practice.

Training consists of going through the general idea behind the following machine learning models and concepts with practical examples: natural language processing, boosting, support vector machines, neural networks, deep learning, logistic regression and unsupervised / supervised / reinforcement learning. AI training takes approximately 4 hours.

AI prestudy consists of exploring existing data and evaluating possibilities to utilize AI/Machine learning or other techniques that would improve current solutions or solve existing problems.

If you would like to learn more about fundamentals of AI we suggest going through our AI training first. This way our collaboration is more fluent and we can achieve better and faster results together. Prestudy lasts 2–4 weeks.

AI solution can be implemented after the AI prestudy. In the AI solution we start by implementing a proof-of-concept. We have estimated that around 70–80% of the work when implementing the first ML models is related to understanding and converting existing data.

We automate the tasks that convert the existing data into a usable format for machine learning models. This way it is much easier and faster to test multiple ML models with smaller data sets which helps determining correct models and/or network structures.

The implemented PoC can be tested and evaluated for productization after it has been implemented. Productization of the PoC consists of more traditional software design work in which our AI buddies are also able to help.

Aiso offers its AI experts to work as part of an existing team. We can work either onsite or offsite depending on your needs.

Our AI Buddies love solving complex problems, enhancing productivity, working together and most importantly having fun and enjoying while doing so!

We have the most experience related to AI consultancy services with the following frameworks and technologies:

C++, Python, Tensorflow, Keras, scikit-learn, numpy, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR

Software Consultancy

Consultants at Aiso are able to deliver a whole new product or part of an existing product in an agile manner as a project entity.

We can execute complex projects in house but our consultants can also work as part of an existing team offsite or onsite.

Our experienced consultants can work in different roles within a project, such as project managers, software architects or software designers.

Proof-of-concepts in software industry are the most used strategy when the story of a fresh new idea for a product is about to begin. We at Aiso love bringing new creative ideas to life from the very first phases.

PoC should be deployed fast to test the idea in the markets and we are confident that PoCs made by us are usable in 2–4 weeks! If the idea is proven to be worthwhile by PoC, Aiso is able to implement MVP and finally the end product.

Aiso offers its consultants with their special domain and technological knowledge for short term problem solving and urgent needs.

We are able to travel on site across the world and work there for at least 1–4 weeks.

We have the most experience related to Software consultancy services with the following frameworks and technologies:

Modern C/C++, Qt/Qml, C#, .NET, Java, JS, React, React Native, NodeJS, Python, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR, MySQL, PostgreSQL

We have the most experience related to Software consultancy services with the following tools and methods:

UML, BPMN2, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Odoo ERP, Gitlab CI/CD, Ansible, Docker, Apache2, IIS

Success stories

Gylling Accounting
Developed solution brings cost effectiveness to digitizing work and is clearly more user friendly than template based solutions found on the market. Creating templates would have brought continuing costs which can now be totally avoided. Aiso used many state of the art technologies which also brings other business opportunities. Aiso knows these technologies extremely well and understands how to use them effectively.

- Max Gylling, CEO
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Aiso implemented functionalities and architecture whereas our own development team focused on visualizing analytics and improving user experience. Cooperation was straightforward and the outcome exceeded our expectations. Technologies used in our solution were partly new to Aiso but they adopted them extremely fast. The commitment and professionalism of the Aiso’s team can only be praised

- Kim Jämiä, CTO
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Our customers

About Aiso

We know that there is a lot of wasted potential and lost value in businesses’ IT-environments and ways of working.

We have seen how poorly configured environments cause errors and incorrect data. Testing and production environments might not be separated, hence, production is used for testing, changes in the test environment might break production and employees are afraid to use the test environment because it could impact production.

We have seen how two month projects are still going on after three years. Outcomes of the projects do not answer the actual needs and root causes of the problems are not treated at all. In addition, often following the chosen project model is more important than the outcome of the project.

We have seen how employees are working with demeaning automatable tasks and wasting their potential. Businesses might even lose customers or potential employees because the tools used are made nearly impossible to use.

We at Aiso are determined to change this situation!

We want to help businesses easily build environments using continuous integration and continuous deployment. This approach reduces development lead times and keeps production data clean – as it should be. Furthermore, employees are free to run experiments In their test environment without a fear of breaking something.

We want to help businesses improve their project management so that projects are finished on time and bring maximum value. Our approach allows customers to see the overall picture of the project through visualization and transparency. We aim to reduce the batch sizes so the lead times to production are shorter and errors are minimal. We do not consider any project model as a silver bullet and the model should be chosen to best fit each project. Methods of working should never reduce the value created.

We want to help businesses with our experience in AI and software development to decrease manual labor and let employees to do work worthy of a human. We want to help businesses make such tools that customers and employees join in just to get to use those tools.

Aiso is an AI and software consultancy company delivering high quality services with a passion for customer satisfaction.


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