We know that there is a lot of wasted potential and lost value in businesses’ IT-environments and ways of working.

We have seen

How poorly configured environments cause errors and incorrect data. Testing and production environments might not be separated, hence, production is used for testing, changes in the test environment might break production and employees are afraid to use the test environment because it could impact production.

How two month projects are still going on after three years. Outcomes of the projects do not answer the actual needs and root causes of the problems are not treated at all. In addition, often following the chosen project model is more important than the outcome of the project.

How employees are working with demeaning automatable tasks and wasting their potential. Businesses might even lose customers or potential employees because the tools used are made nearly impossible to use.

We at Aiso are determined to change this situation!

We want to

Help businesses easily build environments using continuous integration and continuous deployment. This approach reduces development lead times and keeps production data clean – as it should be. Furthermore, employees are free to run experiments In their test environment without a fear of breaking something.

Help businesses improve their project management so that projects are finished on time and bring maximum value. Our approach allows customers to see the overall picture of the project through visualization and transparency. We aim to reduce the batch sizes so the lead times to production are shorter and errors are minimal. We do not consider any project model as a silver bullet and the model should be chosen to best fit each project. Methods of working should never reduce the value created.

Help businesses with our experience in AI and software development to decrease manual labor and let employees to do work worthy of a human. We want to help businesses make such tools that customers and employees join in just to get to use those tools.

Aiso is an AI and Software Consultancy delivering high quality services with a passion for customer satisfaction.

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