Gylling Accounting

“Developed solution brings cost effectiveness to digitizing work and is clearly more user friendly than template based solutions found on the market. Creating templates would have brought continuing costs which can now be totally avoided. Aiso used many state of the art technologies which also brings other business opportunities. Aiso knows these technologies extremely well and understands how to use them effectively.”

-Max Gylling, CEO

What was done?

Aiso’s team developed an AI-based solution to digitize PDF and paper invoices for Gylling Accounting’s business needs. In the solution, an independent Web UI and a digitizing engine were developed. 

The Web UI is used to archive and validate values found from individual invoices. The digitizing engine uses machine vision, advanced algorithms and AI to find values.

Why it was done?

Similar solutions used by accounting companies were not capable enough for future needs. Outsourcing invoice digitizing, especially when volumes increase, is a significant expense and there was no user friendly solution in the market that doesn’t use pre-made templates to digitize invoices. In solutions that use templates, one needs to first create a template for every single supplier.

Main goal for Aiso was to make the invoice validating process user friendly and remove the need for invoice templates entirely. The implemented solution brought a cost efficient and a pleasant way to digitize PDF and paper invoices in the accounts payable process.

Technologies used

Web: React, NodeJS, PostgreSQL

Digitizing Engine: C++, Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR

DevOps / Distribution: Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Ansible, Apache 2

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Jani Peltoniemi

CEO, Co-founder

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