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Aiso delivered high level Software Development experience to Aibidia’s Value Chain Analytics. The solution is used to make transfer pricing easier for global organizations. Aiso’s part of the solution was done as an independent project, based on Aibidia’s specifications.

Gylling Accounting

Aiso’s team developed an AI-based solution to digitize PDF and paper invoices for Gylling Accounting’s business needs. An independent Web UI and a digitizing engine were developed for the solution.

Web Applications

We offered a Software Developer for a large industrial company for further development of critical web-applications in production use. During the project, improvements were made to a multitude of systems and weaknesses within them were eliminated. 

Technologies: ASP.NET, Angular, CherryPy, JavaScript, C#, Python

System Integrations

We offered a Software Consultant to design and implement integrations to transfer data between client’s Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management (HRM) and Active directory (AD) systems. By integrating the systems with each other, our client is able to avoid doing the same tasks multiple times for each system. 
Technologies: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), MSSQL, C#

Design and Execution

We offered a Software Architect to help with the design and execution of a new product. A comprehensive and modern cash register solution was developed for the client’s chain business customers’ diverse needs.
Technologies: .NET Core, Blazor, PostgreSQL, C#

Software Design for a Car Manufacturer

We offered algorithm and software development for a client in the car industry developing a complex system. A comprehensive solution for autonomous driving platform utilizing Lidar, Radar and camera sensors was developed in the project.

Technologies: AUTOSAR C++11/14, ROS, Python, scikit-learn, numpy, OpenCV, PyQt, Qt, cuda

Project Management

We provided Project Management expertise to a Finnish bank for their core banking systems upgrade in collaboration with Project-IT. We assisted in various aspects of Project Management such as work and project modeling, schedule estimation, organizing work and reporting.


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